Physical activity

7 basic principles of training
In order to achieve a serious result in sports, it is necessary to eat and exercise regularly. In this article we will not touch on the theme of drawing up…

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How to return the former energy into your life?
Chronic fatigue, stress at work, chaos at home? We need to do something with it, become more active, finally go in for sports, but there is simply no reason to…

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What is climbing?
Such a sport, like climbing, appeared relatively recently. Climbing was originally considered a kind of mountaineering, but in the mid-50s it was perceived as an independent sport. Over the past…

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Street Workout – street sport

Fitness room – helps many keep fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. However, not everyone has the desire to go to expensive fitness rooms and buy monthly subscriptions. In the depths of the American poor areas, a culture of healthy lifestyle originated, which is now popular even in Ukrainian villages. Ghetto workout, or street workout – today’s story about how the guys from the districts showed that sports can be practiced even on the street.

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How to get rid of excess weight with the help of workouts at home

Do you dream to normalize weight and improve physical fitness? Try to train at home. Fitness clubs are not affordable for everyone, and those that pursue an affordable pricing policy are often overcrowded, which not only causes inconvenience during workouts, but also causes embarrassment to beginners. Why not stay at home and practice solitude, saving money and time to travel? Continue reading

Krepatura is good!

Krepatura is a muscle pain that occurs within one to two days after a workout (hence the name “delayed muscle pain syndrome”) and slowly subsides over the next few. Unusual for the body muscular activity, a new program, an increase in the time and intensity of sports activities – all this can serve as a reason for its appearance.

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Pilates fits all

Fighting stress + meditation + yoga = Pilates. Pilates has a fairly simple formula, but in this simplicity lies genius. The fact is that when we learn to control our consciousness, we, willy-nilly, learn to concentrate on a particular lesson or exercise, from which the increase in our effectiveness necessarily follows. It is not only about the development of coordination, flexibility and muscle corset, but also about the development of your plasticity and grace. Continue reading

How sport will affect your health

Sports and other physical exercises have countless health benefits, including improving the cardiorespiratory and muscular systems, bones, and increasing longevity. Sport can also help prevent various types of cancer and have a positive effect on mental health, reducing depression.

Weight loss
Sport can contribute to long-term weight loss and avoid its increase. Exercising in various mobile sports increases metabolic processes and can help increase muscle mass when calories are burned. Continue reading

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