Physical activity

Mistakes beginners to play sports
From time to time, everyone has a thought and even a desire to start playing sports, move more, lose those extra pounds, regain their former forms or build muscle. You…

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Gaining muscle, not fat
Probably, many thought about whether it is possible to gain muscle mass while not gaining subcutaneous fat. The fact is that building muscle mass is impossible without a high-calorie diet.…

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About the benefits of running and organizing training
Scientists have concluded that the most beneficial to health is to train in the fresh air, and not in stuffy, poorly ventilated halls. But if in the cold season we…

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How to choose a simulator for running?

In the bustle of modern life, when there is no time for sports and good rest, it is very important to maintain excellent physical fitness and take care of your health.

Like nothing else, running in the best way can strengthen our body. This is due to its natural process, because the ability to it lies in all people.

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Best time to run

Running is what nature has in us. To be always in motion, to be active and cheerful, it is necessary for everyone. It is only a matter of desire. Running is useful because it improves and maintains the health of the body. It helps to maintain emotional balance and balance. The article will help determine when it is best to run.

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How to motivate yourself to play sports

Exercise is the main part of a healthy lifestyle, the ability to always keep the body in good shape. And although most know that the right path to health and longevity is a movement, it’s still not so easy to start playing sports if you have never been especially fond of this.

We offer you a six-step plan for smoothly involving yourself in an active and healthy life. And it does not matter when the last time you did a morning jog or go to a fitness room. Continue reading

Running is your health

Everyone probably heard that running is useful. But not everyone knows that a person who runs every day increases his health so much that he is not afraid of any diseases.

Why is it so useful to run? Is the gym not a substitute for running? Will not replace. After all, it is only when we run that the mineral, carbohydrate, protein metabolism and other vital reactions that are so necessary for us occur in our body. Continue reading

How to make a training program

For successful training is important systematics. In order to see the result after exhausting classes, you need to make a training program. To do this, you need to decide on several factors.

The first and most important is the goal
One wise man said: “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll most likely get the wrong way.” Without a clear goal, you will have no result in a month, not a year. Continue reading

100 tips for running for beginners
In the New Year, many people want to start a new life, to change something in their usual way. So why don't you go running? This is a very useful…


6 basic rules of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The right motivation
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Correct training methods
Do your own body, pump up muscles - all these are similar formulations of one question, which almost everybody once asked. If you decide to start training in the gym…


How to run
From the very moment of his appearance on Earth, man tried to simplify his life. At first he took fire, then he invented the wheel, the car, the telephone, the…