Physical activity

How to start running without harm to health
Running is the most popular sport to which, sooner or later, each of us comes to get rid of extra pounds, strengthen and tone muscles, and also improve our state…

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How to find time for sports in everyday life?
In ordinary life, where we have certain responsibilities at work, it’s difficult for a family to find time for sports. But do not forget about yourself. Sports exercises give a…

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Correct training methods
Do your own body, pump up muscles - all these are similar formulations of one question, which almost everybody once asked. If you decide to start training in the gym…

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Running saves from gray life

Sometimes it seems that life begins to resemble indiscriminate, endless walking in a circle, even more like running … Running is meaningless, not bringing either relief or pleasure, but exhausting, rolling with legs. You stop only when the legs are no longer able to make at least some movement, the heart is ready to jump out of the chest, and the lungs are ready to burst from the burning air at any moment.

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Physical activity can change life for the better.

Running through life is not easy, most of us can say. Building relationships in a marriage is difficult, and it can crumble like a house of cards. Doing business is often hard and tiring, and there is no guarantee that you will be a success. Everything that you do can collapse and nothing will come out in the end. But there is one thing that guarantees your satisfaction. This is physical activity.

No matter who you are, and what your plan is for your life – exercise will have a positive effect on your existence. This is the best thing you can do if you want to be happy, live longer, with more pressure and speed. Continue reading

How to make fitness your habit

Many people want to look great and have an attractive appearance, but not many nature has endowed with such characteristics. Over time, your body becomes more flabby and less attractive, and then you should think about doing fitness. Physical activity allows you to have a positive impact on your appearance and health, but not available to everyone.

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How to reach the top in sports

Recently, a good motivating book for athletes has appeared, which not only contains a lot of useful tips that can be easily applied in any sport, but also written in an interesting artistic manner. This is a book about the life of the legendary athlete Chris McCormack, a multiple winner of triathlon competitions (swimming – 3.86 km, cycling – 180 km and marathon running – 42.195 km).

The book “I’m here to win” not only tells about trainings and competitions, but presents the whole story of Chris coming to youth in sports, then studying and not interesting, though well-paid work, which he was so unbearable that He decides on the most difficult and important step in his life. Continue reading

6 major mistakes in the gym.

If you are going to sign up in a gym or have been going to it for some time, then it will be useful for you to find out what are the most popular mistakes in the gym. Maybe among them you will see yours.

Error number 1 and the most common mistake, especially among those who want to lose weight is the strictest diet. Restrain yourself in the diet you need if you want to get rid of excess kg. Continue reading

7 basic principles of training
In order to achieve a serious result in sports, it is necessary to eat and exercise regularly. In this article we will not touch on the theme of drawing up…


The benefits of morning exercises
Undoubtedly, the best habit is to start the morning with exercise. And, of course, this will allow you to change your body beyond recognition. After all, morning exercises are able…


How to start moving more
We all know about the benefits of physical exercise, running, active lifestyle, but most people find stony excuses and reasons for not going in for their body and physical development.…


Running saves from gray life
Sometimes it seems that life begins to resemble indiscriminate, endless walking in a circle, even more like running ... Running is meaningless, not bringing either relief or pleasure, but exhausting,…