Physical activity

Best time to run
Running is what nature has in us. To be always in motion, to be active and cheerful, it is necessary for everyone. It is only a matter of desire. Running…

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About the benefits of running and organizing training
Scientists have concluded that the most beneficial to health is to train in the fresh air, and not in stuffy, poorly ventilated halls. But if in the cold season we…

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Running is the best way to lose a few extra pounds.
Many girls and men who are overweight are trying to lose weight only by reducing food intake per day, that is, they are cutting back on the number of calories…

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How to return the former energy into your life?

Chronic fatigue, stress at work, chaos at home? We need to do something with it, become more active, finally go in for sports, but there is simply no reason to force anything ?! Do not try to change everything at once, do not become an athlete – a champion. There are many benign ways to return energy to your life.

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6 basic rules of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The right motivation

In an interview with the USN channel, Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke about how he succeeded. As it turned out, in order to become one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century, all he needed was to follow six simple rules.

1. Belief in yourself
First of all, you must decide for yourself who you want to become and whether you are ready to do everything possible and impossible for this. If the answer is “no,” then this is clearly not yours, or you are just a weak character. Continue reading

What time is preferable for running.

It is known that during the day the physiological functions of the human body change. The greatest endurance of the body in the interval between 10-12 pm and in the evening between 17-19 hours. As you can see – it’s just two hours. At this time, athletes are most often trained. Running in the morning or in the evening depends on your mode of operation.

If you have a working day starts at 8 am, then it is better to run over the same evening. Although, if you can get up early, then in the morning too. Before you start jogging you need to lie down for about half an hour, but not necessarily. Continue reading

Self discipline in sport

For the athlete discipline is very important. Without it, nowhere. After all, you need to go to workouts, abide by the diet, go to bed in time. It is necessary to limit yourself in many ways.

Self-discipline needs to be developed. This is done simply. It is necessary to remember that if you have to do something, you will do it. And not otherwise. You decided to, say, wake up at 5:00. Everything! Continue reading

7 basic principles of training

In order to achieve a serious result in sports, it is necessary to eat and exercise regularly. In this article we will not touch on the theme of drawing up the daily diet, but let’s talk about how to make your workouts bring the maximum result.

1. Start your workout with a warm-up
In order to avoid various injuries in the process of training you need to warm up well. After all, exercising with the burdens of your muscles, ligaments and joints begin to experience stress, which can adversely affect your body. Therefore, do not be lazy and do a full body warm-up. Continue reading

Physical activity can change life for the better.
Running through life is not easy, most of us can say. Building relationships in a marriage is difficult, and it can crumble like a house of cards. Doing business is…


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How to develop the habit of playing sports
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