About the importance of movement
There are many opinions about the primary importance of a component of health. For someone at the head, a properly chosen diet becomes, for the other, cold dousing, for the…

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Gaining muscle, not fat
Probably, many thought about whether it is possible to gain muscle mass while not gaining subcutaneous fat. The fact is that building muscle mass is impossible without a high-calorie diet.…

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Running is your health
Everyone probably heard that running is useful. But not everyone knows that a person who runs every day increases his health so much that he is not afraid of any…

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Sport is fun

A year ago, I checked on my experiment how to make sport a pleasure. And I say that he was a success. After all, before that, for me, sport was something boring and straining, although I, like all people on Earth, knew that sport is a pledge of health, vigor, beauty and youth. Indeed, many people want to have a beautiful body and not get sick, but it can be very difficult to play sports. And not because we have no time. We often invent many excuses for ourselves, because we know that grueling and difficult work lies ahead.

That’s the reason – the wrong setting on the process of employment. Recalling the sport, we focus too much on the tension during class. We know that we will have to feel shortness of breath, muscle pain, emaciation and a broken state. Stop! We do not prepare for the Olympic Games.

The first thing to do is to forget about the result.
Many, having decided to go in for sports, set themselves a goal, a mission – to have cubes on their stomachs, beautiful buttocks, strong biceps, to gain sexuality, etc. The goal is good. Just let it casually remind you of yourself, but not all the time it is before your eyes, and you will eagerly and impatiently wait for the fastest results. In order to return to a systematic and constant desire to play sports, not to quit halfway or after the first workout, you should treat exercise as a walk, reading a book, or taking a shower. That is – as a pleasant pastime.

You should not set a goal
It should just stay in the moment, the process of employment. As soon as you feel that you are no longer able to continue running, pushing up or pulling up – stop. It is important to remember – no one forces you. Do not tell yourself: “We must! You want to have a beautiful body, do it through pain. ” At first, this is important, because the body is just getting used to it. You will notice that gradually it will require large loads.

Don’t rush
The main thing – listen to your body and do not accelerate, watch the natural flow. Often people forget about it, accelerate and their trainings again turn into exhaustion. For example, press the first day 3 times, even if after that you can wring out another 13 without much effort. Feel just pleasant sensations vivacity of your muscles. It is important to constantly remember this state of pleasant light tension.

Remember, when you wake up, what pleasant sensations you experience when you sip from sleep. Incomparable, right? It is for such sensations, try to follow during training. Begin each workout with a slow stretch of muscles and try to catch those very sensations of siphoning after sleep. During your workout, think about how your muscles develop, acquire the relief of which you dream.

The training process is greatly helped by your favorite music and the one that inspires you.

Avoid monotony
From time to time, change the set of exercises, as one of the reasons for the annoyance of sports is in the monotony of the exercises. Also, watch your muscles work – how they tense up.

Motivate yourself
Sometimes, of course, training does not go at all. In such cases, leave it for a while, no need to force against all train. It is better to spend this time watching, for example, motivating videos with the trainings of other more trained athletes. If you are a guy – look at the photos and videos of training sports fitness girls. If a girl – the opposite. Well motivate photos of people before and after sports.

You can come up with your own options for how to regain interest in classes. Just remember: the pleasure and joy of the process will help to be constant in any business and any endeavors.

As for the result, you will not notice how he will come to you and will make you very happy, even pleasantly surprised! After all, all this time you paid attention only to the process.

If you also take care of proper nutrition, be sure that you will not be able to avoid pleasant changes. You can hang yourself on the door of the refrigerator photo sports, sexual figure. This is a double motivation – to train and eat right.

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