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How to return the former energy into your life?

Chronic fatigue, stress at work, chaos at home? We need to do something with it, become more active, finally go in for sports, but there is simply no reason to force anything ?! Do not try to change everything at once, do not become an athlete – a champion. There are many benign ways to return energy to your life.

From the very beginning of human existence, we are programmed to move. But the modern world and the constant improvement of living conditions made sure that we spend most of the time sitting. But it is so easy to return movement to your daily routine.

Plan your day as much as possible.
Start with a little change. For example, ignore the elevator and take the stairs. Walk to work on foot or ride a bike. Movement in the fresh air replenishes and activates your vital energy. An evening walk will harmoniously end your day.

Light physical exertion is a good basis for the beginning of an active lifestyle. A 10-minute sports training is positive for health and prevents physical inactivity. To enhance this effect, it is necessary to gradually increase and diversify the load. It is recommended to engage in active sports 3 times a week for 30 minutes. The formula for health is simple: try, but do not overdo it! Exercise as active as possible, but do not overdo it with loads.

Regime wellbeing
For movement to benefit health, you need to find a balance point between sports and your sense of comfort. Even small sports loads bring great benefits to the cardiovascular system, tendons, muscles and ligaments, as well as activate the release of hormones: adrenaline and norepinephrine are intensively produced. In addition, an active release of endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones, occurs in the brain.

On the contrary, the body reacts very sensitively to intensive training with heavy loads and releases a stress hormone – cortisone. Mood falls, the immune system weakens. Thus, sports overdose is perceived as normal stress.

Sports should bring joy! Then the result manifest itself without much effort. It is important to know which sport suits you?

Do you have a sedentary job? So you just need an active sport. How about a focused combination of workouts: jogging, walking, strength training for muscles?

On the contrary, those who work a lot, you should choose a sport that is directly opposite to your daily activity. For example yoga, tai chi, qi gong.

A classic and most favorite recipe for any stress is jogging. Running outdoors, in the fresh air, not only train our muscles, but also promote mental relaxation.

What kind of sport suits me?
What I want? What goals do I want to achieve? What brings you joy?

Remember, in the past, there were probably sports you were interested in that you especially liked or even actively pursued? This could be the first clue in the search. Find yourself a sport that would bring you pleasure and fit your lifestyle.

Another supporting point can be a test workout in a sports club or in a fitness studio.

Did you find your sport? Then schedule and fill in your calendar with the exact days and times of training. Do not initially plan too much, start small! Your plans should remain real and fit your daily routine. Regular sports activities that bring joy will constantly motivate you so that you simply cannot and do not want to do without them.

Our advice:

If you are not sure about your state of health or after a long pause, you again want to actively engage in sports, consult your doctor. The doctor, in turn, can also advise or prescribe as a procedure that suits you, or rather your health condition, a sport.

Successes to you and good health!

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