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Running is your health

Everyone probably heard that running is useful. But not everyone knows that a person who runs every day increases his health so much that he is not afraid of any diseases.

Why is it so useful to run? Is the gym not a substitute for running? Will not replace. After all, it is only when we run that the mineral, carbohydrate, protein metabolism and other vital reactions that are so necessary for us occur in our body.

In addition, in the process of running endorphins are released – hormones of happiness – in large quantities. They give us the necessary rhythm and good mood for the whole day. Also Bodyflex with Marina Korpan energizes and improves physical condition.

Running is the key to a long, uninterrupted work of our heart, a vital organ for all of us. With continuous long-term running of 30 minutes and longer, the level of cholesterol in the blood decreases, blood circulation improves, unnecessary fats are burned, which means all cellulite goes away … Muscle tone improves, the blood supply of all organs and tissues … The list of bonuses for you and me from running can be listed endlessly. However, it must be remembered that not every race is equally useful.

Running is your health

Here they are, the laws of running:

1) You need to run either during the day or in the evening
The main thing is not too early and not too late. Morning run is dangerous to health, because the body has not yet fully awakened and its sharp excitement can harm. Too late a time to run can affect the quality of your sleep, which is also not very beneficial to health in the future.

2) Useful jogging
This, of course, does not mean that another rhythm of running will be dangerous, but it is undesirable, especially for people of mature or elderly age. You can do a run with alternating slow and fast tempos: slow at the beginning, and fast at the very end of a run. So you do not harm yourself.

Running – Your Health

3) Begin to train gradually.
Step by step, increasing time and distance for jogging. From 5 minutes to half an hour or more. The main thing is not to break, not to run a lot at once, not to miss training. Better a little, but every day.

4) It is necessary to warm up before training.
Do not forget about this principle of running. This is necessary for your muscles and ligaments and will help you, firstly, to eliminate unnecessary injuries during sudden movements during a run, and, secondly, prepare your body for subsequent exercise. Stretching can be as follows:

– Warm up. Here you can include light rotation of the head and limbs, as well as twisting the body in different directions. It should start from the top down: head, shoulders, forearms, hands, pelvis, thighs, legs and feet.

– Warming up. This mainly involves pumping the lower belt, i.e. lower limbs. Squats will come up and smooth at first, then fast legs to the stomach, feet to the buttocks standing and moving.

– Stretching. It is better not to neglect it. Sit on the vertical and horizontal splits. Carefully, without unnecessary and sudden movements. Movement smooth. Preferably using a prop. As it can be used a chair or your own hands, depending on where you spend the entire series of warm-ups, indoors or outdoors.

These are the basic principles. And the rest, go for it. And remember, perseverance and commitment are everything!

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