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Krepatura is good!

Krepatura is a muscle pain that occurs within one to two days after a workout (hence the name “delayed muscle pain syndrome”) and slowly subsides over the next few. Unusual for the body muscular activity, a new program, an increase in the time and intensity of sports activities – all this can serve as a reason for its appearance.

There is a theory that pain results from the stimulation of receptors by lactic acid accumulated in muscles.

However, recent studies have shown that microscopic breaks in muscle fibers play a major role. The number of micro fractures and the strength of pain depends on the severity and novelty of the exercises you perform.

Afraid of these pains is not worth it. This is a natural reaction of the body, which is part of the process of recovery and muscle growth. If you have krepatura – you have worked well! But do not abuse it. After a good workout you need to resume. After all, the goal of the work is muscle growth, and this is a recovery period. At this time, training should be moderate. You need to feel the work of the muscles, and not to tear them. But if you study one program for more than two months and no longer experience tensions in the training zones, your body has adapted. The period of stagnation begins.

In this case, to improve the results, it is recommended to change the training program (to make muscles stress).

But still, how to minimize pain? There is no universal way of dealing with crevice. Everyone focuses on personal feelings.

You can only take into account some tips:
• training is better to start with a thorough warm-up;

• to increase power loads gradually;

• at the end of the workout do stretching exercises;

Krepatura is good

If unpleasant sensations could not be avoided:
• a contrast shower will help remove muscle tone;

• consume high-quality sports nutrition, like BSN gainer;

• a small exercise with a moderate load will improve blood circulation;

• the quick healing of microtraumas is promoted by a bath with essential oils and warm compresses;

• when stretching the muscles will help cold compresses;

• vitamins A, C and E contribute to the breakdown of toxins that cause pre-natal;

• Aspirin or ibuprofen, of course, does not accelerate the healing process, but can temporarily reduce pain.

Help your body recover, listen to it and achieve the best results!

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Best time to run
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