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Correct training methods

Do your own body, pump up muscles – all these are similar formulations of one question, which almost everybody once asked. If you decide to start training in the gym or at home, then at first you can make mistakes that will not give you the result of training or lead to injury. This article reveals the 10 most common mistakes when training the body.
Error number 1. Champion program
Many beginners come to the gym “theoretically savvy,” that is, after reading the literature of those whom they consider to be authorities in bodybuilding. In itself, this is not bad, especially great if they read what they need.

But many people make the same mistake: they take the program of some famous athlete who has succeeded (Coleman or Schwarzenegger) and begin to work on it. The logic is simple: if it helped him, it will help me.

However, three important factors are not taken into account.

First: serious athletes constantly change their programs, then they gain weight, then they dry out. The program for what period in your hands?

Secondly: any athlete is, first of all, a person with his own body type. A person of the abdominal type (fat man) doesn’t suit the Schwarz program, which was a muscular type.

And finally, the third, most important thing. Let’s do it bluntly – only chemists achieve real success in professional bodybuilding. No matter how famous athletes shouted about their virgin sterility from steroids, it is a lie of pure water. They are chemists. And their program is designed to be combined with steroid therapy. I will not give a moral assessment of this fact, everyone has the right to decide what is better for him, but it is IMPLEMENTARY to work on the Schwartz program, eating only ordinary food and supplements.

Error number 2. The bigger, the better
To grow muscles faster, they need to swing. Is logical. In order for them to grow even faster, they need to be pumped even more. Is it logical Not. There are other laws wedged in.

What is muscle growth? In training, you lift large weights that are not typical for you in your daily life. This causes muscle microtraumas – the smallest breaks in muscle fibers. Hence the pain, because any wound – it hurts.

Tearing your fibers, you leave the hall. Eat Sleep When you eat, you give your body building material to restore fibers. At night, it is at night that the growth process takes place. Pre-stored building materials – amino acids and proteins – the body envelops damaged fibers. They grow and become … thicker. It is thicker, thicker there, you see, and the whole muscle adds in volume. Growth.

However, the body needs time to heal wounds. If microtraumas begin to appear too often, they will not have time to grow. We would like to warn you: an organism that fails to cure itself will be in a state of stress. This means that the main functions may fail.

As a result – depressed mood, reduced resistance to viruses and bacteria, constant fatigue, and most importantly – no growth!

It was experimentally established that the optimal number of workouts per week is 2-3. More will already be brute force. A natural training guru, Mike Mentzer, insisted on longer breaks. What will be optimal for you can only be determined empirically, but remember the main thing: busting is worse than a shortfall.

Error number 3. After training it is useful to drink beer
There is a myth that beer after the gym is possible and even necessary because it contains energy-rich carbohydrates.

Oh-oh-oh … How many years have passed, and I still hear this myth. I don’t even know where he went from — they say from the classic weightlifting of the USSR times. I doubt it, but not the point.

Beer after training is the right way to the hospital bed.

To begin with, the carbohydrates in this drink really are. But the trouble is – they are complicated. And splitting their body is not easy. He would rather send such nonsense to the reserve (ie, to fat), rather than receive energy from it. Do you want to become the proud owner of a beer belly? I doubt it.

But this is still half the trouble, or rather one-tenth. The main risk factor is that during training a tremendous burden is placed on your heart. And the need to do something with alcohol after such stress forces your main muscle will not add.

I am familiar with a vivid example: for a year a young guy, indulging in a beer after rocking, came down with a heart. Do you need it?

Error number 4. The main thing – classes in the hall
No, in the gym you get only 30% (!) Of the overall success in growth. The rest comes from sleep and nutrition. How the muscles grow, I already explained in paragraph 2, I will not dwell on this in detail. Let me just say that do not overestimate your workout and do not forget to eat normally and sleep a lot!

Error number 5. From proteins, creatine and anabolic steroids become impotent
The big problem of beginning bodybuilders is the inability to distinguish steroids from food additives.

Let’s clarify. Any dietary supplement that is included in sports nutrition, be it protein, creatine or amino acids, acts indirectly. Sports nutrition provides the body with additional, easily digestible material.

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