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There are many opinions about the primary importance of a component of health. For someone at the head, a properly chosen diet becomes, for the other, cold dousing, for the third, acupuncture. But no matter how priorities are placed, opinions are unanimous about one component of a healthy lifestyle – this is movement.

Movement is life, one of the main “health whales”. This is an unbreakable foundation, proof of which is innumerable. Nevertheless, many people underestimate its power, and the purpose of this article will be an attempt to correct the well-established view of the secondary role of physical education in our lives.

Man is an aerobic creature
It is obvious that nature has not designed our body for calm measured office work days and sofa seatings. We are aerobic creatures. This means that the presence of oxygen is vital for us. Without him we are not. With its restriction, we are also very constrained in our capabilities.

The flow of many processes in the body is fundamentally different, depending on whether they flow with or without oxygen.

And the main factor that influences both its full transportation within us with the bloodstream is movement. Without it, full-fledged conditions for metabolism remain only in vital organs: in the brain, heart, and partly in the lungs. The blood supply of all the other tissues is designed for pushing the blood not with the heart, but with the valves of the vessels, which are massaged by just the movement of the muscles.

A person is guaranteed to have a defective metabolism, if he leads a sedentary lifestyle.

When we are deprived of physical activity, most of the body is in a mode of metabolic deficiency, which inevitably leads to the accumulation of problems, and ultimately the formation of anaerobic zones in the body.

These areas of the body is no longer able to control. But there will always be those representatives of the microworld who are very fond of such conditions. This is anaerobic. They can not exist in an oxygen environment – this is poison for them! But in the zones devoid of it, how else. It will be superfluous to remind you that most of them are disease veterans or parasites.

Aerobic and anaerobic metabolism
Biochemistry has long been known for two fundamentally different ways of assimilating glucose in the body (or two types of glycolysis): anaerobic and aerobic. At first, when oxygen is in short supply, carbohydrates are broken down to glucose and lactic acid, but if the reaction occurs with the participation of full-value metabolism and oxygen in excess, lactic acid will continue its journey and oxidized to carbon dioxide and water. The difference in the released energy is 19 (!) Times in favor of the full aerobic cycle. Naturally the description is simplistic, but allows you to see a significant difference between the two processes.

Thanks to socialization, we are becoming more and more anaerobic. This is what pushes us and the abuse of honey. drugs, antibiotics, and food industry innovations (especially preservatives are worth mentioning here), but above all hypodynamia. This is the reason for our “fatigue” and the general state of energy deficiency.

The more we move, the more energy we have!

What we often call “fatigue” is nothing more than acidification with excess lactic acid, which is formed as a result of the predominance of anaerobic processes in the body. Here is a vicious circle, which will have to be broken only with the help of willpower.

As soon as we step over this feeling of “fatigue” and do aerobic physical activities (running, swimming, yoga …), then where not to worry is vigor and … satiety. Have you noticed this?

In fact, what happens is: all the lactic acid accumulated in the process of incomplete glucose absorption gets access to oxygen. As a result, it enters the bloodstream and is transported to the liver, where it is restored again to glucose. And since the feeling of hunger is the amount of glucose in the blood, we feel satiety. Then it falls under the complete aerobic learning cycle (Krebs Cycle).

Our “fatigue” is most often not a small amount of energy with food, as is commonly believed, often we eat more than enough. It is rather the inability of food to fully digest, followed by poisoning it with residues, acids.

This is especially true for carbohydrates. And the fact that the majority cannot get enough of them, be it fruits, vegetables, or ordinary rice, speaks of the predominance of anaerobic metabolism in the body.

Alternative to physical education. Is there any?
If we cross the line when the body “breaks” faster than it is “repaired”, then problems begin to grow with a snowball. Most of them are the result of a sum of factors: nutrition, ecology, hypodynamia, heredity, bad habits, etc. It is true that “the problem does not come alone.” Therefore, it is always much more profitable to completely change the lifestyle than to compensate for one of the “breaking” factors.

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