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Seven steps to a successful marathon

Running similar poems can give you the inspiration you need to plan your training program and open the door to the outside when the plan requires action. To continue training all the time necessary to prepare for such a long run as a marathon, you need constant inspiration.

All the verses given here are written by Sri Chinmoy, and they are intended to inspire us and induce us to our journey in training while preparing for and participating in the marathon.

With proper planning and training, we can definitely run a 26.2 mile (42 km 195 m) marathon distance easily and joyfully. But without inspiration, we cannot always force our complaining body to follow our advice or planning. This is what Sri Chinmoy advises for such situations:

Question: Sometimes for many days I don’t want to run, although I know that it is useful for me. How can I overcome my reluctance?

Sri Chinmoy: We need to practice self-discipline. It is by doing something, by becoming something — not necessarily something great or famous — that we can overcome our reluctance. It is through a movement that is an achievement or a progress, or an achievement that is a different form of progress, that we can overcome reluctance. In order to overcome reluctance, we need to have a goal. We must try to achieve this goal.

With this simple but valuable advice, we can get a good incentive to start our movement towards the goal. For absolute beginners, the goal may be running or walking one mile per day, or alternating two-minute running and walking for 10 minutes each day. For those who already have experience of regular running, the goal may be to increase the distance covered over a week. Others may aim for faster time at a marathon. Whatever the goal, we must first receive the proper inspiration that will lead us to step out the door and start moving towards our goal.

Step 2: Goals
The first thing you need to determine when preparing for a marathon is what is your goal in a marathon. Do you want to just run your distance or for some specific time, whether you just want to go on those miles on foot or a slow run, or whether you are aiming for the best personal time. The starting point of your training program depends on how much you ran in the past year, how much you have been training lately and on your general physical condition at the present time, whether you are doing other physical exercises or aerobics on a regular basis, and how fast you want to run a marathon.

The training program itself depends on the goals you set for yourself, if, of course, they are realistic. Your goals should be long-term and short-term. The long-term goal in this case is the marathon itself. Short-term goals are set for each week. Your weekly or short-term goals depend on which category of runners you belong to, which will be discussed below. But from an internal, spiritual point of view, we need to know about the goals that we set for ourselves daily. And, of course, it is useful to remind yourself about them from time to time.

The following aphorisms can help you with this incomparably:
“His unsurpassed goal is to set a new aspiration record every day”
“The days of orphan sorrows are behind you, not near you. Why, then, are you crying helplessly? Days of great joy ahead of you, not near you. Why, in this case, you do not run and do not proclaim without delay: the goal is achieved. ”
– Sri Chinmoy
When we start, the best is to fix both long-term and short-term goals on paper. I suggest you start a daily calendar book with graphs for each day to write down your goals and results there in general or in detail. At the top of each page, you must indicate the number of miles or the time you plan to reach this week, perhaps with one or two explanations of the types of running that you are going to perform. You will get this information by reading further about the training schedule. You can also bring in all of your track and field training that you are going to do this week, such as cycling, lifting weights or swimming. And when all this will be recorded in your book, it will remind you and help you achieve these small weekly goals on the way to a long-distance, big goal. With this inspiration to reach our goal, we must immediately start running here and now towards our goal.

Step 3: Plan
When we start, the best is to fix both long-term and short-term goals on paper. I suggest you start a daily calendar book with graphs for each day to write down your goals and results there in general or in detail.

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