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About the benefits of running and organizing training

Scientists have concluded that the most beneficial to health is to train in the fresh air, and not in stuffy, poorly ventilated halls. But if in the cold season we have a small choice, then with the onset of spring, everything changes. And if weight training is better left for the room, then it is best to give yourself a good cardio load on the street. So let’s start with a simple one – running. More effectively it in fight against overweight did not think up yet. It is not necessary to run “for wear”, because, in the end, we are preparing not for sprint races, but we try to bring our body in order. People whose body weight is significantly higher than normal can be advised to walk or run very slowly so as not to strain their knees.

Running generally helps not only to lose weight, it also trains the heart, helps relieve stress, makes a woman more self-confident. However, in order not to harm yourself, before starting to run, you need to consider the following points:

1. Starting to run, tie your workouts to the time, not to the distances. The general mistake of beginners – the desire to run 5 kilometers at once, no matter what. Actually after this, the desire to train disappears. How to determine the duration?

2. So, we define the duration. Choose a pace at which you will be fairly easy to keep the conversation going. As soon as you start to choke, finish the workout. Hence the rule – listen to your body. It’s good if you intend to run an hour a day, but what does your body think about this?

3. Choose the right shoes. This is important in order to avoid discomfort when running and subsequent pain in the feet. First, do not save, good sneakers will serve you for a very long time and will justify their cost. Secondly, sneakers should be fairly free, and do not buy models with sharp noses.

4. While running, do not strain the jaw and do not raise the shoulders to the ears, do not clench your hands into fists so that the knuckles are white. Relax and have fun. And for this set for yourself feasible tasks.

5. Choose the time in which it is convenient for you to run. Someone invigorate from a morning run, it is easier for someone to run in the evening or in the afternoon. Do not push yourself into a stereotypical frame.

6. Always, always, always warm up. And avoid injuries, and it will be easier to run.

7. Do not forget to drink. Of course, you can try to lose weight through moisture loss by the body, but how correct is it?

8. What is your credo? “Is always”. Remember these famous words? Almost everyone has his credo in work and in personal life, but what about sports? One German coach said: “Run slowly, run every day, drink moderately and do not eat like a pig.”

9. Set yourself a goal. Why do you want to start running? To lose weight, or to improve health, or to become more confident, or to run 5 kilometers. The goal is needed in order to encourage you to represent the end result. Then it will be easier to train.

10. Do not try to comply. Each person is individual. And training for everyone should be their own. Hence the conclusion: the pace, duration, direction, method and time – all this is up to you. Do not rely on others.

11. Alternate speed. Choose for yourself the optimal speed, and then periodically change.

12. Make a variety. Do you think running is monotonous? And no. You can run: raising your knees high, or trying to touch the heel of the buttocks, or crosswise. In general, the main thing – to have fun. Moreover, changing the style of running, you increase the effectiveness of training and work out several muscle groups. When you get stronger, you can run with weighting.

As in any business, the most important thing in fitness is to begin, and gradually it will enter your life and train not only your body, but also your will.

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