10 ways to find time for sports
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How to motivate yourself to play sports
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A few practical tips on how to run
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10 reasons to play sports

Many people want to devote regular time to sports, but they don’t always find time or stimulus for it. Perhaps the reasons given below will stimulate you?

You will become more confident
Have you ever seen an unsure athlete? People involved in sports have not only a beautiful and healthy body, but also the strength of will and character of the winner. After all, every day they defeated themselves, their laziness, their weaknesses, their excuses. They set goals and reach them. Starting to play sports, you can also become more confident, your self-esteem will grow in proportion to the efforts that you put into improving your body.

You will be full of energy and enthusiasm
The more you move, the more energy you get in return. It sounds paradoxical and seems incredible, but look at successful people. It seems that in their day is not 24 hours, but at least 48, because they manage to do so much in one day! Therefore, it is enough to invent yourself excuses for lack of time, fatigue or excessive employment, if you have time on social networks and talk with colleagues, it means that you will have time for sports. And thanks to the sport and well-being, you will learn how to work more productively and manage to do more in less time.

You will improve your health.
Health is given to you only once and for a lifetime. It is much easier and cheaper to maintain it than to restore it or to heal from any ills and ailments. Starting sports is never too late. And for inspiration I advise you to read the book “The Age of Happiness”, in it you will find many interesting stories and examples from life when people in old age started to play sports or hobbies and this made them happy.

You know the natural processes of development
By and large, man is not so far gone from his monkey ancestors, especially if we talk about his physical side. And one of the most ancient rules of life is a simple law – if you are not moving uphill, then you are rolling down from it; There is no third. “What does this give us?” – you ask, and I will answer: “If you do not exercise, your body, and after it the whole body, including the brain, will degrade”. This process will go slowly but surely. And if you recall another key postulate “the strongest wins” … I think comments will be superfluous.

You are not threatened with depression
Numerous studies have shown that people involved in sports, regardless of age, practically do not suffer from depression. Training on a regular basis significantly improves mood, energy levels, eliminates fatigue.

You will have an example
Physically active parents are a good example for their children. According to statistics, children whose parents play sports, over time, also begin to lead an active lifestyle.

Your weight and body will be normal
Exercise helps maintain weight in the norm. Even a moderate load contributes to the acceleration of metabolism. Scientists have proved that playing sports can eliminate even a hereditary predisposition to obesity.

Your sleep normalizes.
If you work out during the day, then it will be better to sleep at night. Lack of sleep leads to excess weight and folds at the waist.

Increase performance
Physical activity also improves performance. Plus, the fact that people who exercise regularly, less often go to the hospital.

You prolong your life
For older people, physical activity can add years of active and healthy life. Sports can prevent the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

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