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A few practical tips on how to run

To get pleasure from running, first of all, the correct running technique is important. For its development, it will be best to communicate with the pros, and even better not with one, but with several, in order to summarize their experience and develop their own individual technique of running.

A few recommendations on how to run correctly:
Correct shoes
To run as comfortable as possible and without painful consequences, it is necessary to run in special branded running sneakers with thick soles, and, here I really do not advise you to save. From companies I can advise Asics, Mizuno, Adidas. And guided by the fact that with regular runs, especially on asphalt, sneakers will need to be changed every six months – a year, they just slowly trample down.

Proper clothes
In principle, it is not so important in what clothes to run, I’ll just say from experience that it is still more comfortable to run in special sportswear, it removes sweat, and the body breathes and does not constrain movements, and doesn’t loose anything. Here the choice is very wide, see for yourself.

Correct technique
It would be better to look for additional videos on the Internet. I can only say that you need to run by lowering the foot to the ground not on the heel, but gently on the toe, i.e. you need to run on the socks, so the heels do not bounce and the load is less on the knees and the spine.

Before jogging is useful to pull the muscles of the legs. But pay attention, stretching should be done very slowly, not like we were taught in school with jerky movements. Slowly we indulge, doing an exercise on one muscle group for at least 20 seconds, but preferably 1 minute, inhale with the nose and slowly exhale with the mouth. The pulling movement itself is done as you exhale, while inhaling we pause.

Warm up and Hitch
I do 5 minutes of warm-up and 5 minutes of silence. Namely, I start jogging at a very easy pace of 10-20% of the maximum load and finish at the same pace. This allows you to first warm the muscles, gradually give the load, and in the end gradually reduce the load and restore normal breathing.

Running time
Here, let everyone define for himself. It depends on my rhythm of life, at the moment I have enough from 10 to 30 minutes of running at an intensive pace (60-80% of the target pulse zone (CG)). The target zone of the pulse is determined as follows: from 220 we deduct your age (the number of years, for example, a 40-year-old man will have 180 beats per minute).

For me, everything here is just that I breathe only with my nose, with a full chest. An additional advantage of nose breathing is that in winter there is less chance of getting a sore throat.

Run alone
I used to run alone, because there is no temptation to talk – talk takes the breath away, and there is no need to adjust to the pace of the partner.

As a result, my formula for jogging is as follows:
correct equipment, correct technique, stretching, warm-up and hitch, running in 60-80% of the CCP for 10-30 minutes, breathing through the nose and jogging alone.

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A few practical tips on how to run
To get pleasure from running, first of all, the correct running technique is important. For its development, it will be best to communicate with the pros, and even better not…