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How to build muscle at home

The desire to build muscle in men who are dissatisfied with their physical form, occurs more often than can be imagined. But that’s just to practice it does not come in the vast majority of cases. And there are many cases of these, and the author of this advice is no exception. There is a desire, but suddenly something began to distract? Take a break, and spit on desire. If it is strong enough, and you really want to achieve a certain result, pumping all the muscles of your body, then the desire will return. Remind yourself of this more often!

Follow me diligent readers of useful tips! And do not be afraid of the enthusiastic tone of my words. Because to get the result, you will have to sweat, not laugh, and may even curse the humble author of these lines in their hearts.

What I intend to offer you may seem (and will seem) strange. But, I hope, it is not devoid of meaning. Before you are not the advice of a physical training instructor, but a man who has been involved in sports swimming for six years and knows firsthand how to keep himself in shape.

The proposed exercises will help to build muscles, and they can and should be done at home (it’s fun to offer people to engage in a group if they are not happy with their body). The maximum time to complete them is 1-1.5 hours. Less you will not succeed, and you should not hurry anywhere. You, in fact, want to achieve results?

The principle of increasing muscle mass
Many have heard about the exercises performed by the participants of ancient Olympiads for weight lifting competitions. The idea is simple and clear. The young man, who started training, raised a calf daily. As the calf grows, the load on the young athlete is constantly increasing.

We do not need a calf, as well as travel by time machine. The main thing is the principle of this training. We will perform the well-known exercises for general physical training, while artificially increasing the weight of your body. This extra weight will be yours for the duration of the classes, which will help to evenly distribute the load.

My familiar yoga instructor, and also a bard, a boxer in the past (and God knows who he is), told me that working on yourself, like on your body, is just a practice. And, therefore, no, even the cleverest chatter will not replace five minutes of this practice.

How to build muscle at home
Exercises will be performed on the floor and on the horizontal bar. As an “extra weight” we will use a backpack, in which, for the beginning, we will put “Soviet encyclopedic dictionary” and proceed to the exercises. Everything is just like an orange.
Pulling up on a horizontal bar
How to build muscles at home; Hang on the horizontal bar, grip – palms on yourself, arms shoulder-width apart and pull up. This is nothing new, but not so simple. If you are trying to build muscle, the most important thing is to perform the exercise evenly, without jerks, with the same speed when lifting and lowering the body. We advise you to do this exercise with the maximum “excess” weight, which you are able to evenly tighten. The number of approaches should be minimal. Breathe in your nose, evenly: inhale on the rise, exhale when lowering. Raising and lowering should be done at minimum speed, but comparable to your deep and even inhale-exhale.

Now we change the grip on the “monkey grip” (all five fingers cover the bar of the horizontal bar from above) and pull up, “laying the horizontal bar behind the head.” It is desirable to do an odd number of pull-ups. As well as for the previous exercise. This makes it possible to distribute the load to train your endurance. It is important to mentally pre-allocate your strength to the beginning of the approach, its maximum load and end. Think about it during the exercise.

The effective minimum of pull-ups, if desired, to pump up muscles is 3, but I don’t know the maximum. One thing is clear: beginning to perform these exercises very quickly gets to its “maximum”. But, only, without fanaticism!

Next, to distribute the load, use the grip of 1.5 shoulder width. This ratio can be arbitrarily increased to 2.

With this mode of exercise, the muscles of the arms, the back and the abdominals will not be overlooked.

How to build muscle at home Let’s start pushups. The principle is the same: having loaded up with a backpack with a certain amount of “knowledge”, we perform an odd number of push-ups for the approach.

It is better to carry out push-ups on the fists – so you only increase the efficiency of the process of pumping muscles. Slowly, with a breath, we descend evenly and smoothly, with an exhalation, without delay, squeeze ourselves and the “extra” weight.

Start with 5 pushups for the approach. Alternate approaches better with rest lying on his stomach, his hands under his head. Especially if the “pulls” the lower back.

As in the case of pull-ups, mentally distribute the load for yourself, both before and during the exercise. Do as much as you can, but be prepared for it!

We swing back muscles
Lying on your stomach, stick your legs under the sofa, battery, whatever. Just to find a foothold for the exercise.

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How to build muscle at home
The desire to build muscle in men who are dissatisfied with their physical form, occurs more often than can be imagined. But that's just to practice it does not come…


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