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How to develop the habit of playing sports

There are many people who start to play sports and soon quit. Was it like that with you? It was more than once. This is because you can not develop a new habit in sports. Let’s look at the reasons why you can not play sports, and what you have to do to develop this habit.

Why do many people fail to develop the habit of playing sports? There are many reasons, consider the main ones:

Too hard
You start to engage with great enthusiasm and set big goals. “I will run in the morning for 30 minutes” or “I will sign up for the gym and will be every day for an hour!”

The problem is that the task is too complicated to perform on a daily basis. With enthusiasm, you can practice for a few days, but then your energy will subside, and the lessons will become a burden for you.

Too many goals
You are planning to do more than you can. For example, you decided to run, go to the gym, go to a healthy diet, go to bed earlier and get up earlier. Multiple goals prevent you from developing the habit of playing sports. Start small. Having achieved success in one thing, go to another. As in sports, the load must be increased gradually. You can’t do everything at once.

Not enough motivation
Often we begin to play sports without a clear goal and time frame. We seem to want to change something, but we can’t say what exactly, at what time – it’s also difficult to answer. All this leads to the fact that we spent two days exercising and abandoned. We lack self-discipline and motivation to continue what we have begun.

6 simple steps how to develop the habit of playing sports
1. Play a sport that interests you.
Try different sports to choose the one from which you finally enjoy. If you are interested in what you are doing, this effect will be much greater. If you could not decide on a sport, then do the simplest thing – while watching your favorite shows, change from a sofa to a compact exercise bike and combine business with pleasure.

2. Choose one simple, defined and measurable goal.
Write down your goal. If you have not recorded a goal, then it does not matter to you. The goal should be very simple and achievable. For example, daily 5 minutes on a treadmill or 10 push-ups. With this you can handle. After a month of training, increase the time to 10 minutes or double the number of exercises. This is easy to do and you will have a new habit.

Set a specific goal. Do not say “need to work out” or “go for a run”. Instead, clearly define the time and types of exercises for today. This gives your brain a clear guide to action.

Measure target. You need to know exactly how much you are doing. For example: run 1 km, push out 20 times.

One goal per month. Do not set new goals until you reach the results in the previous goal.

3. Record class results every day.
Keep a diary in which you will record daily the results of your classes. For example, your weight or volume. Record the results immediately after class.

4. Practice missed classes
For objective or not so reasons, we may skip classes, but this should not be systematic. In addition, all passes must be worked out at another time. So the next time you will have less desire to miss playing sports for no good reason.

5. Tell others
Tell your friends, colleagues, and family about your activities. Talk about your activities, talk about your goals. This will be a good incentive not to give up, but to set a good example for others, especially your children.

6. Add motivation
Think of how you can motivate yourself. Reward yourself if you do not miss classes or if your success is high. Motivate yourself and your progress to accelerate. Buy a gym membership for a year. Many sports halls make good discounts when buying a subscription for a year. In addition, it is a good investment in yourself and your future. And paying a decent amount to the gym, it will be a pity to skip classes.
Have a good time!

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