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15 most frequent excuses, just not to play sports

Many people recognize the need to play sports, but cannot find the time to take care of themselves. I understand them perfectly, as I myself have suffered from excess weight for many years and could not help myself. The best way out of this situation is to analyze which excuses prevent us from doing fitness. Personally, I justified myself this way: no money, no mood, family circumstances, not enough motivation, work interferes, others hinder, no strength for running, poor health, no money for joining a sports club, etc. etc. But I learned how to deal with excuses. I found a way not to shirk sports, and moreover, to enjoy it.

“I can’t get rid of the word.” ~ Samuel Johnson

I managed to combine fitness with full-time work (and with my own business), a bunch of household chores, freelancing, blogging, writing various books, and among other things, I have a big family (six children and a wife, and everyone needs to pay attention ). Later it became clear that all my excuses were completely meaningless.

And what are your excuses for not playing sports? Let me guess. And tell you how to overcome them:

1. No time
Do 5 minutes a day. Even in the densest schedule, you can find 5 minutes to walk in quick steps. And if not, then you should seriously think about the alignment of your life priorities. Reduce the time spent sitting in front of the TV or on the Internet. If you can not go for a walk because of the weather, do some push-ups, squats, jumps right at the desktop or at home. When the five-minute gymnastics will become a habit, you can double the time. Only a few minutes of charging per day – and you will feel healthier.

2. So I have children!
Yeah, and I, too, have six whole pieces! They are wonderful, we have a great time. We play, we go to the park, we run and climb together. I lift them in my arms as a load, put them on my shoulders and run uphill. Exercising in front of them and with them, I set a good example for them, instilling good habits. So we combine sport and communication. If you want to exercise alone or with your spouse, do it while they are at school or sleep. Children are, in fact, a serious reason to switch to a healthy lifestyle and to be full of energy into extreme old age.

3. Work takes all my time and discourages
Mine too. At one time I was working simultaneously on two jobs, when I started my blog / business (I composed 20 posts per week). I know well how exhausting it is. But what if doing fitness early in the morning? A great way to start the day, tune in to work and think about the main thing. A fitness after work will help to unwind, relieve tension, and also give a reason to spend time with his wife, friends or children.

4. I get too tired
From my own experience (and from the experience of other people) I know that without fitness you get tired even more. Regular exercise sports invigorate, protect against stress, increase efficiency. I felt tired – put on sneakers and run on the street! It is the power of everyone.

5. I feel bad, I have a pain in my leg, arm, back, etc.
If you are really sick, you have chills, fever or other obvious symptoms, then sport, of course, is not the best exercise. Lie down and rest. The same if there are serious injuries. But very often we block ourselves from fitness at the slightest indisposition, which in fact does not bother us. See a doctor if something serious. A runny nose, for example, is not an obstacle for a walk or a few exercises.

6. My family does not support me
Then it is really more difficult. However, there is a solution. I use the following approach: before changing anything in my lifestyle, I first try to involve the family in it. I send them articles that I read, we discuss them together, I explain why this is important to me, etc. I appeal to them for help in deciding on a new order, and then in the implementation of our plans. There is another tactic: just tell your close ones about the desire to change your lifestyle, and if they don’t support you, find like-minded people through the Internet. Anyway, you should answer for your life yourself, and not blame others for the failures. Live as it would be better for you, but try to convey your views to your family, and perhaps in the end they will support you.

7. The gym is too expensive, or too far from home.
Walking or jogging in the fresh air. Exercise at home or in the office. Yoga classes online. It’s simple. And for free.

8. Too hard
Start with light loads. Five minute walk or 5 push ups. Even if it is difficult, let it be 2 instead of 5. Starting with a small load and gradually increasing it, you will see how absurd the excuse “I can not afford.” I add that this method is the easiest to change your habits.

9. I do not have sportswear / equipment
Come what is. You can go for walks in jeans and a T-shirt, and at home to exercise in underwear.

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