How sport will affect your health
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How to start running without harm to health
Running is the most popular sport to which, sooner or later, each of us comes to get rid of extra pounds, strengthen and tone muscles, and also improve our state…

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How to start running without harm to health

Running is the most popular sport to which, sooner or later, each of us comes to get rid of extra pounds, strengthen and tone muscles, and also improve our state of health for the better. Surely each of us thought – from tomorrow, with the release of the sun, run into the road on which you pass every day on the way to work and start running. How to start running without any harm if you have never done anything like this? We will help you in this wonderful endeavor, which will reward you in the future, giving strength and pulling the figure.

Where to run
It is best to run in places where there are few people, away from cars and exhaust gases. Where you feel good and no one bothers you. The best option is the stadium or the seashore. You can run in the forest, the oxygen is cleaner there, which means you will sleep soundly that day. Such an atmosphere motivates you to workout and help you forget about your daily routine and problems. If you do not have the opportunity to run on the street, there is a good option to run at home. All that is needed for this is to purchase a treadmill.

What to run
Workout clothes should be, first of all, comfortable. It is better to refuse synthetics, such a fabric does not breathe well. Prefer natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. It is necessary to take into account weather conditions and choose the appropriate clothes.

It is necessary to seriously consider the choice of sports shoes. From the good and comfortable shoes will depend on the effectiveness of running. Take enough time in the store when choosing a pair of sneakers. Do not rush, put on both pairs, instead of one as many do. Sit down, jump, feel the comfort in your legs before blindly running to the checkout and buying the product you like in color.

What time to run
In the morning it is preferable to start jogging from 6:30 to 7:30. During this period of time, our body is best prepared for training.

But morning is not the only time when you can run and get benefits. During the day, the optimal time for running is from 11 to 12 o’clock, and in the evening from 16 to 18.

Preparing to run
Getting ready to run is an important part of our workout. Before you start to run, you need to warm up our body, driving the blood through the body. Taking a deep breath and exhaling a few times, do a few squats to warm up your lower body. Then a few hands and feet. After these exercises, you can slowly begin to walk, starting with a quick walk and gradually moving to a run.

How to run correctly
In short, without unnecessary movements. Do not lean forward, do not jump with the happiness that you started running. Be calm spiritually and physically. Run straight, without throwing back your head, and think about the good or don’t think at all. Sometimes forgetting everything in the world for some time is very useful. Our brain rests and as it reboots during exercise. Feet lowered calmly, not stomping on the ground. Arms bent at the elbows at an angle of about 90 degrees. Inhale with the nose, exhale with the mouth. No talking while running, it disrupts the respiratory system and breathing gets off, the body starts to work properly and you quickly get tired. Phone calls are also worth deferring. But the music in the headphones you can give even more energy.

How long to run
Start small. Do not strive to conquer kilometers on the first day of training. 15-20 minutes a day is enough for a start. Gradually, the duration of training can be increased. The optimal time for running with the benefit for the body is about an hour. A great way is running with alternating brisk walking. This method is effective for people who seek to lose weight, as well as strengthen the work of the heart.

How often to run
To start 2 times a week will be enough. Gradually, the number of runs can be increased and trained daily.

Does running speed matter
Remember that in the right run does not need to seek to overtake the whole world. Training should not injure or bring discomfort. Pick up speed individually. Not quickly and not slowly will be the best option. Do not run through force, slow down. If you feel tired, go for a brisk walk, after walking go to jogging again.

Load efficiency
In order to determine the sufficient load on your body, you need to check the pulse. If after training the pulse became more often in about half – the load is optimal.

Many of us run contraindicated at all. Often these are people with diseases of the respiratory systems, flat-footedness and other various diseases. Ideally, a medical consultation will give you the exact answer, whether you can run or not.

Recovery after running
The golden rule – do not stop, do not lie down and do not sit down immediately after running. Do everything gradually, go from a run to a fast walk, then a slow walk, then a light walk, raising your arms and breathing in, lowering your arms while exhaling.

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