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7 basic principles of training

In order to achieve a serious result in sports, it is necessary to eat and exercise regularly. In this article we will not touch on the theme of drawing up the daily diet, but let’s talk about how to make your workouts bring the maximum result.

1. Start your workout with a warm-up
In order to avoid various injuries in the process of training you need to warm up well. After all, exercising with the burdens of your muscles, ligaments and joints begin to experience stress, which can adversely affect your body. Therefore, do not be lazy and do a full body warm-up.

2. Focus on doing the exercise.
Each workout should take place under a full sense of concentration and concentration. When making an approach, you should not think about whether you turned off the iron at home or not (Joke). You must be concentrated. Not concentrating on the exercise, you not only mix the thoughts in your head, but you cannot lift the desired weight.

3. Dress properly
If your training will take place on the street, and at this time outside the window is quite cold, make sure that your body does not freeze, because you can get sick and eventually miss a few workouts, which, of course, is not very good. Also make sure that your clothes are comfortable to perform those exercises that you have to do.

4. breathe correctly
Every professional knows that the correct breathing rhythm is important for achieving a normal result. If you do not breathe properly, you will not only become less resilient, but you can simply plant your heart. So do not neglect this rule, and if you are not familiar with the correct breathing technique, consult a more experienced athlete.

5. Do the required number of repetitions.
No wonder that in programming, they indicate how many approaches to do and how many times. We will not dwell on how many approaches to do, since it depends on what goal you set for yourself, but on whether it is worth adhering to the necessary number of repetitions. The fact is that each program is written for a specific purpose and to achieve it, you need to feel your body as much as possible, if you have written 6 sets of 10-15 times, this means that you must perform this exercise 6 times with a weight that you can make a maximum of 15, at least 10 times. Do not do more or less than what is written, pick your working weight.

6. Rest between sets.
Do not neglect the rest, because the muscles need recovery. It is the time interval between approaches that is the reductive means. But it is worth remembering that you need to rest in different ways, depending on your goals. On the strength – 2-3 minutes, for drying 0.5-1 minute.

7. Do not talk while relaxing
Rest is needed to restore muscles and normalize breathing. Do not spend it on stories about how you almost left home because of the included iron (again a joke).

By adhering to these rules, you can make your workouts more effective.

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